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The greatest battle is not physical but psychological. The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good. They must always be answered by the quiet and steady dignity that simply refuses to give in. We all suffer. Keep going.
"The highest happiness is when one reaches the stage of liberation, at which there is no more suffering."
Dalai Lama (via occult101)

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Meg, the other admin, is heading off to France today and I hope she has a safe flight my dear. Have an amazing two weeks!

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take home message:
talk to nature.


“These people have learned not from books, but in the fields, in the wood, on the river bank. Their teachers have been the birds themselves, when they sang to them, the sun when it left a glow of crimson behind it at setting, the very trees, and wild herbs.” ― Anton Chekhov

woah this is just beautiful
Anonymous: What do you think of marijuana

Plants are lovely -z

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They say free spirits are dangerous… you fall in love so easy but it’s sure that they will leave one day